This all needed to be said haha:

Politics really aren’t something I spend a lot of time on, but wow is this election ever cringe.

As Dave says… the greyman theory = hiding in plain sight.  Note that typically people who think they are EXTREMELY grayman, are the biggest tactical peacocks out there.



Larry Vuitton x Tyler Grey.  Looks promising:

Tyler explains GREYMAN:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLooks like something different anyway, so that’s nice.  I’m keeping an open mind about it due to the track record Larry has of making cool informative videos.

Do videos like this pose the danger of educating criminals? Probably, but I suppose the risk is worth the reward of hopefully LAV and Tyler’s combined followers upping their own security, and the ripple effect of them hopefully telling their friends and so on.

At least they didn’t call this show “Sheepdog”.  That term is so played out and derpy.



I really don’t have time for a 42 minute derp analysis, but maybe some of you do:

After a cursory skim through the video I can see they are in full OPSEC mode in typical Vigilant Spectre greyman fashion.  Like I said, I don’t have the time or the energy to critique 42 minutes of them, but on quick glance there seems to be remarkably less derp (when it comes to safety anyway.. although there is far more talking than shooting).  I’m not a fan of the camera man’s position at 27:52… i’ll say that, but a lot of you probably will disagree.  17:40 – Spraying Rem-oil on all their barrels because it helps cooling by “creating a layer that directly heat-exchanges with the atmosphere around the barrel”.  Sounds like messy redneck science to me.. plus they are just shooting semi-auto.  There we a couple other “tips” I heard that I know were incorrect, but it was nothing that would hurt anyone so that doesn’t concern me as much as some of the stuff in the previous videos.

They connect with the target multiple times at 400-650 yards toward the end of the video… that is pretty good by my standards.

See, I’m fair!  Like I said in the comments of the posts I criticized them on… come out with some good stuff and i’ll praise it, but if you put out unsafe instructional derp vids i’ll call you out and burn you until my hands hurt from typing so much.

The whole “I filed a police report listing Mike and EverydayNoDaysOff in it” threat was just plain retarded.  I consider that water under the bridge now… but seriously why even make such a ridiculous threat when that was all information you made public?  What did you think would happen?

Hopefully this is the start of safer, less derpy videos. Once you guys realize you can edit out some of the misinformation you spout when you’re nervous, and the occasional safety slip up you’ll probably find your youtube comments and other feedback is a lot more pleasant.