Puts her money where her mouth is:

She has at least one tattoo of a gun on her, she was in Battleship, and she occasionally incorporates guns and military themes into her music videos.  Is she pro-gun though?  I don’t know, it would appear that way but with celebs trying to be “edgy” what a better interest to pick than guns?

rihanna-hard-videoI’m no expert on 2013 grill technology (yes that’s a field of expertise I just made up), but as far as AK-47 grills go I would have thought the technology existed to make something that defined an AK-47 more accurately especially if the buyer has money like Rihanna. This grill looks like someone left a gold chocolate AK-47 out in the sun too long. Maybe that’s another piece of the “edgy” puzzle though? Get a grill that looks shitty on purpose to look even more “hood”.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A much needed wheel gun for your ketchup and mustard:

I honestly can’t count the number of times a day I say to myself “this could be re-done in a firearm related way”.  I think i’ll hold off on buying this though until they come out with a semi-automatic or automatic condiment condiment gun.

Pick yours up today at Amazon for $13.95.

Hat tip: Alex