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OH NO school and guns.  Panties get in knots:

Such a boss move… make a gun club, get school to pay for guns and ammo…. OR NOT (12:56) ahhhh nooooooooo. Oh well at least they get some free blue guns.  I’m kind of disappointed ENDO didn’t make an appearance in the video :P

shooting-targetAnything that introduces more people to the hobby I’m cool with.  The topic of the “gun club” gets derailed quickly in the video though and goes into the audacity of restricted capacity magazines, mom’s against swimming pools, Obama, the NRA, gun control, etc…


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Get your Christmas picture taken with Santa and his machine guns next on December 10th:

The November 26th picture day was no doubt a huge success, and I’m sure December 10th will be even bigger.

I’ve never been to their facility in Scottsdale, AZ but I’d like to check it out someday.  Their retail website SGC USA is one of the few online firearms sites that doesn’t piss me off.  The main reasons being that they actually have things categorized properly, and they have several great high resolution pictures for every item.  Most sites think they can get buy with a single low resolution standard picture of a product, which I don’t think is acceptable in this day and age.

Trigger discipline was obviously stressed at the event, which is good to see.  Muzzle discipline to a lesser degree.  It’s pretty safe to say all of these are NOT loaded, but last thing we need is Christmas getting canceled because Santa took a negligent round.   OMG linked ammunition slung over their shoulders?!  But but he could just pop those into one of the guns and kill everyone! *eye roll*

Unsurprisngly there is a hilarious discussion going on over at the UK website DailyMail.

Thoughts?  Anyone near Scottsdale plan on taking their family to the December 10th event?

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