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ahahhaha this is too much:

0:46 – I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he asked for an extendo. ūüíÄūüėā

I was hoping the whole 10 minutes of the video was going to be gun store trolling, but it’s a different not gun related format after that segment ends.

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8000 lb concrete barriers to prevent vehicle involved smash and grabs. ¬†OH SO “BRASH” according to the story:

usher-sipSeems like a great idea to me.  OMG THE EMOTIONAL REACTION. haha oh wow

2:08 – Gun stores need a 42 camera security system? ¬†Wow, that’s impressive and sad at the same time. ¬†Criminals gonna do crime I suppose. ¬†If you have insurance it’s almost like what’s the point of spending $30,000+ on a security system like that, when the thieves are likely going to be wearing masks and driving a stolen vehicle anyway. ¬†I guess any sort of help he can give law enforcement is worth it.

Full story on the Sacramento Bee.

Yea those barriers are ugly, but who cares. ¬†That whole strip mall is ugly so it doesn’t really matter as far as I’m concerned. ¬†Thoughts?


And films reactions:

LOL 1:07 a .22 revolver is their most popular gun?  Could they at least not have gave that job to a troll with some firearms knowledge.

1:26 – Ahhhhhhh that finger.

1:54 РSeriously?  finger again.

2:39 – Nice shogun that doesn’t even work, shithead.

I know some of you guys work at gun stores… ¬†Is that pretty much ALL DAY? ¬†Finger on the trigger and getting muzzle swept?

LOOK GUYS! ¬†THE GUN is responsible for all those terrible things. ¬†*eye roll*¬†Wow…. just wow…

Troll-FaceIt always astonishes me that statistics mean absolutely nothing to a good portion of the population.  If they did, they would be more afraid of hospitals, alcohol, cars, swimming pools etc.. etc.. by a LONG shot.

Thoughts? I would have loved to see if they cut any positive reactions out of this little troll experiment. My guess is they did.

Gat tip: Krystian, Adam


The title was promising, but this is disappointing:

From a youtube channel called JestComedy with ~32000 subscribers I expected something actually funny. ¬† The attempt at humor is obviously meant to appeal to the anti-gun crowd because none of the stuff anyone said was funny… more to make gun owners look bad.


Hat tip: Sunny


This is awesome because it’s so true:

The types: Talker, Safety Hazard, Guy who thinks his old gun is worth a ton, Zombie Apocalypse guy, cheapskate, lurker know-it-all, MILF, felon, hustler

This video is priceless… it was basically like a 11.5 minute stand up comedy routine. ¬†MrColionNoir, you gotta keep it up… these vids are awesome.

In my experience, an important one he forgot is the “off duty cop”. ¬†I’ve ran into so many of those trying to tell me this and that (which I was looking at or asking about) is ILLEGAL FOR CIVILIANS! ¬†I’m so used to that now I just roll my eyes and try to ignore them. ¬†I used to drop knowledge bombs on their asses a couple times until I realized that arguing with someone that IS THE LAW is basically useless.

A good follow-up to his Guide To Gun Store Salesman

 is quickly becoming one of my favorite YouTubers, you should subscribe to him.

Any customer types you think he missed?


The categories: Fanboy, Douchebag, Gun Snob, Old Fart, Newbie, Commando

Very well done. His dialog reminded me of the Gun Show Personalities and List of Offensive Shooting Range Stereotypes.

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