Feb 12, 2015 episode with the guys from Security Weekly:

Deviant Ollam shows up first at 7:26, and is on for the rest of the show.  It’s basically all firearm related, so you guys will probably be interested in taking the time to watch it.

ENDO gets a shoutout at 16:28 for the comments in the post I did on his DEFCON 19 talk on hacking firearm lock boxes.  A lot of good info in the comments of that post from him and others.

He absolutely destroys any hope you may of had of a GunBox protecting your firearm from anything more than a person’s casual curiosity.  That said, it was never supposed to be a “safe”, and I still think it’s alright for what I’m using it for and what most other people are probably (hopefully) using it for.

Deviant-OllamDeviant also has a detailed explanation with pictures on his blog, in a post called Reflections on the GunBox.  I couldn’t find part two where they were planning on attempting to clone the GunBox RFID tag, so I’m assuming they must not have done it yet.  I should also note that I’ve never experienced any issues like he had with the RFID + fingerprint reader method.  I might have a newer generation GunBox though, because the top of mine where the fingerprint reader is looks different.

I really have to start reading more on security, and watching more related videos.  Every time I do, I go down a rabbit hole for hours and hours, and remember how interested I am in the topic.




Products currently haunting my dreams:
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GunBox was kind enough to send me one of these for my handgun:

If this is your first time hearing about the GunBox, it’s a stylish / functional way to store your handgun away from the hands those who you don’t grant access. Those who have access are able to get at the gun quickly.

You’ll see the pictures on their website and almost definitely think “wow that looks cool”. I’ve read other reviews on the GunBox and people always mentioned how well built it is. That’s the type of thing that’s impossible to tell from the pictures, but I definitely echo those claims. This thing feels like it was made by Apple, as in it just feels like quality when you first pull it out of the box. It’s exterior is aircraft grade aluminum, has great contours, and the lid nestles into the bottom half so nicely.

Excited, I hooked up the included wall charger to the GunBox, plugged it in and with my girlfriend looking over my shoulder swiped the RF wrist band over the top of the center where the logo is. Next, we heard the unlocking of the interior latch and the pssssssssst of the hydraulics releasing the lid and 2-3 seconds later we’re looking at the inside of it. We both were like “whoa” because it was cool. I continued to shut the lid then open it over and over with the wrist band for the next 5 minutes or so. The novelty never did wear off, but my girlfriend’s patience definitely did.

At this point I figured it was time to try the biometric abilities, so following the instructions included I pressed the unlabeled button on the inside of the lid, putting the GunBox into “learn mode”, shut the lid and programmed in my index finger. This was simple, and you can actually program in 100 different fingerprints. Excessive maybe since were talking about access to a gun haha but the capability is there. You can either just use the RF wristband (small RF sticker also included… RF ring available on the website) to open the box, or you can require RF plus a fingerprint for added security.

Head over to the GunBox website if you’re looking to purchase one, or want more information. I highly recommend picking one up if you’re in the market for an easy-but-restricted-access type lockbox for a handgun.

If anyone has any questions for me about the GunBox, let me know in the comments.

Oh and lucky you guys GunBox was nice enough to agree to give an RF + Biometric model ($300 value) to a lucky ENDO winner!!!


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Pay attention:

The GunBox looks legit.  I am planning on getting one some day once the RF version isn’t just vaporware.  “It doesn’t ever track where your gun is, but you can track it” sure… sure…. I’d be willing to put money on the fact that if an alphabet agency were to contact gunbox and request coordinates, they would be able to cough them up in 2 seconds (for better or for worse of course depending on the situation).

At least the owner of the company admits it’s a gun “box” not a gun “safe”.  Looks simple as hell to break into if a person had more than like 30 seconds worth of time and a few tools.

New drinking game alert:  Take a shot every time LAV points, give thumbs up, or calls someone “brother”.

The-LAV-Larry-VickersI’m a bit disappointed that LAV slowed the speed of this show of his down from the exciting episode 1, to this 2nd episode which was obviously one big paid for advertisement.