hahah this is good:

Man these fellas really bring it with the production value too.  Some real John Woo / Rush Hour type shit.


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Video starts at 0:28… I need to know if he’s talking about the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine.  My money is on the Carbine:

“A M1 here / A M1 there / Everywhere M1 / Ni**az don’t care”

It appears this guy doesn’t have a problem with the proliferation of firearms (especially the M1) so as a community we obviously share that with him.  The question is though, are we (you) glad to have him on our side?


Catchy song, awesome video:

What looks to me like a rubber gripped Beretta 92 copies with frame safeties (Taurus 92 maybe?).

People that ridicule the stopping power of 9mm are going to love that the guy gets shot in the back and brushes it off.  Others that make fun of .223 will rejoice when the girl gets shot in the ass and just shakes her head.

Not to self: The microwave is a perfect spot to keep an MP5

The guy in the video is actually the guy that sings the song, his name is Mayer Hawthorne. Never heard of him before today… but he’s on my radar now. I don’t just listen to rap… this is perfect music to operate to.

Before you ask, I have no idea who that supermodel/actress in the video is.

Hat tip: Daniel



Gunplay, comedy, the mom from Weeds… count me in!