Noveske went full-ween:

I missed posting this for actual Halloween… oh wait I see so did Noveske haha (Nov 1st post date on YouTube).

Do people still comment stupid things like “GoT a Purrmit For THoSe SbRs SOn?” when you show up to your shooting spot braced out?  I remember that comment was all the rage when the braces first came out, Like “Chill old man, I got this under control damn”.

Good stuff.  Thoughts?

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Hickok45 had to do it to em:

Hickok45 is consistently consistent.  This pumpkin killing video has been a halloween / fall staple on his channel for 128 years now (read 9 years).

I can’t even watch guys do fruit ninja stuff now without cringing.  A lot of people have hurt themselves doing that, but this is the video that sticks out the most to me.  It happens right at the start, and OUCH you can just feel the knife lodge itself in his hand for a second.



Every year the halloween horse gets beaten.  Here are a couple videos, if you’re not tired of Halloween related shooting videos yet:

Glock-PumpkinWell there you go haha.  Holy, Hickok45 is on his 7th year of that.

Thoughts?  Are you over the seasonal vids as much as I am?


The NRA saw the cool kids were doing it, so they knew they had to:

Meh… Kirsten’s video was better, even though I think that pumpkin carving with a gun is a played out video theme in general.

Just to make this post less boring, here is a video of a kid’s epic Halloween costume.  His dad converted his wheelchair into a StarWars snowspeeder:

NRA-LogoAnyone do anything interesting Halloweeny, shooting related or not?


Hell yea!

Full story – WLWT Cincinnati 

school-girls-gunsOh wait… we’re not excited about this?  It was .22 LR even!  Bah… whatever.  4 year old Landon is doing to shake his head someday at this.

This story probably isn’t as getting much press as it would have if it would have been some cop killer bullets, RIP ammo, or .50 BMG which can take down airplanes.

A lot of people saying this this is probably a setup / hoax.  It really wouldn’t surprise me.  If there’s no scary gun story of the day / holiday, what better fix than to create one?  


Cool video:

I scrolled through the comments and they seemed to all surprisingly be positive.  I was waiting for comments like “SILENCER WORSHIPS THE DEVIL… Unsubbed / throwing my suppressors in the garbage”... always disappointing when people don’t get butthurt.

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoThey put a lot of effort in, I like that.