Who let this slide? LOL rotational AF:

0:02 – An “operator” appears.  The video is black and white so naturally I’m like “WHOA… EDGY!”

0:05 – Oh shit, rotation #1 preformed flawlessly *slow clap*

0:06 – Now to rotate the entire gun

0:07 – Hmmm his red dot magnifer now in the way. *Rotates that out of the way on its own mount*.

Right now I’m convinced these guys really just love rotating stuff.

0:09 – A target!  Better take a knee and flip down your extendo bipod stilts.

0:17 – Looks like he needs the magnifier… guess what he does?  ROTATES it.  Shocking I know.

0:18 – Slapping the trigger like it stole something.

0:24 – Gotta scan for more threatening bullseye targets.

The company that makes this calls themselves Stand Fast Tactical.

Seems to me like this adds complexity for the sake of adding complexity.  Why stop here?  I’m in need of a servo with computer attached to the rail so I can enter the desired rotation angle to 9 decimal places of accuracy. GTFO out here maaaaaaaaaannnn.

This is the best part of the website:

As part of our development cycle the “TR1” went through two years of planning, testing, builds and rebuilds to produce a product that would be functional, durable, simple and low maintenance while still meeting the needs of the operator.

Yes… two years.

Good luck with that patent they say they are going for, considering a company I blogged about in 2013 (Ballista Tactical Systems) is basically selling the same idea (but excuted better) – available now for $200.

Naturally the handguard in this post isn’t for sale yet… they are going the crowd funding route.  21 days left, with $0 raised.  Those are rookie numbers… gotta get those numbers up boys.  Now, their $62,500 goal is flexible *phew*… how flexible?  I don’t know but according to the linked indiegogo page you can get the thing for $250 they say, rather than their $300 MSRP.

If this rotating rail thing is new information for you?  You looking to bless your life with one?  Rotate or die is what I always say.

Gat tip: Derek

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Those guys are having way too much fun at work

The M-4 carbine, one of the primary rifles used by the United States military, appears destined for a change. After concerns surfaced about rifles overheating in a sustained firefight in 2008 in Afghanistan, the manufacturer and the United States Army are close to agreeing on a modification to the weapon’s barrel that makes the carbine more resistant to the stresses of extended firing.

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