Quite standard :(  The video is graphic.. warning:

This happened in Hawthorne CA.  Even the soothing sounds of Usher doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Full story – ABC

Leon Rosby, 52, walked his dog too close to the scene and obstructed officers in their duties.

UsherSoooooooo much obstruction *eye roll*.  I will say that I have no doubt that if you’re a police officer it must get pretty damn annoying that every bozo with a cellphone wants to try and catch you slippin.  That said, you signed up for the job, you were not forced into it.   I’m torn on situations like this… first of all I see no reason whatsoever for Leon Rosby to be cuffed.  If it wasn’t for that, the dog would still be alive.  A huge dog like that though is nothing to mess around with.  In the end I think the officer did what he should have by shooting it… again though, totally preventable by not being a dick and cuffing Leon Rosby in the first place.  Too much “We have badges and we can do whatever the hell we want” at play here and in other situations like this. I think the officers should be disciplined heavily for the bullshit “he was obstructing us” accusation. That’s not going to bring Leon’s best friend back, but it’s a small bit of justice I suppose.



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