head shot

Mrahhhhhhhhhh the stopping power of muh four-d-five:

Yea that’s basically what the “.45 or die” guys think a head shot looks like. LOL

Thoughts?  Oh important question: Do you only carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46? ha ha haaaaa


HOLY this is epic. Center of mass is apparently for amateurs:

Part II:

Voda-Firearms-Training-Lucien-BlackLegendary. Those poor ladies LOL.

Oh and this is another gem from the YouTube description.  Why he doesn’t use “blue guns”:

There are many reasons as to why we do not utilize “Blue Guns” for our training purposes that are not listed here. However, we do not use them for the following purposes

Biochemical – When facing the “business end” of any weapon system the body will produce a response: “Fight or Flight”. It is then and only then that we obtain the opportunity to truely explore the varible that matter most – “willingness to fight”. Biochemically the body will change its composition [cortisol (stress) levels, dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (brain, body, action)]. By working in this manner, we at VODA seek to effectively take small steps to help rewire the clients neurotransmitters thus, increasing the likelihood of survival.

Repetition & Muscle Memory – Good luck cycling a slide on a “Blue Gun” or nearly any training pistol worth anything for that matter. At VODA we are big on building efficiency through continuous repetition and muscle memory. Whether cycling the slide or loading the cylinder, pressing the trigger, or aligning sights on a real human subject, there is not training pistol that will give you that. Why? Because training pistols simply do not have the same physical attributes of a actual firearm; what they lack are the character, feel, and authenticity of an actual firearm. Like Coke-A-Cola: “There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing”.

Realism – Why train different that you fight? Even more important, why train different than you fight then expect to perform at optimum levels when it really counts? Even though you are training with a “Blue Gun” or training pistol and you may simulate that with all your heart following the “Safety Rules” (which are meant to be broken to a degree) your brain knows it’s not a real gun thus, it will act accordingly for purposes of efficiency. It should be noted that our Force on Force work is truly one of a kind.

So ya, hit him up by all means and have your mind blown by VODA Consulting if you think you can take the heat. LOL I love how he has a “Jay-Z – Dynasty” intro sample on loop on his website to set the mood.  SHIT I’M SO AMPED RIGHT NOW.

Thoughts?  VODA is such a movement, amirite guys?  Look out Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Larry Vickers etc…


Another short video:

Instructor-Zero*Sarcastic Oooooooo*. This just seems to be a grab for views now in an attempt to stay relevant.  The absolute best part of the whole video though was the lame “Reply Courtesy of” placement.   I expected nothing less from him, since the 5.11 and Bravo Concealment etc. shills.  Yea, I know that’s ironic to say, coming from the guy (me) who said if YouTubers aren’t happy with the money maybe they should explore other revenue streams.  Uh… so get that money Zero.

We know Zero’s speed is still there… but is his drag on YouTube increasing?


Ermahgerd! Do not hit play on this if kids are around:

I’ll be honest, I was ready for some gore when I hit play but I wasn’t expecting to laugh.  Apparently I have the maturity of a 6 year old though because when those eyes bulged out in slow motion and the “big league chew” flew out the opening in the deer’s dome piece it caught me by surprise and I lost it.  I immediately felt bad after because I like deer and am not a hunter (I’m not against hunting), but it wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time I laugh at something inappropriate so I got over it quick.

Deer-Meme-CabelasThe reason for head shots explained after seem solid.  Like he said though, the margin for error is very small so unless you’re a hunting operator of the highest operational operatory levels maybe you better stick with body shots.

Thoughts?  Are you 360 degree head shotting deer (scope or no scope we’ll say) from yards on yards on yards?