Hopefully a hoax.  Probably not a hoax though:

Russians be crazy.  What’s the filming location normally for?  Is that was self storage looks like in Russia? Haha maybe the guy was planning on hiding the body behind one of those doors if things went bad.  Probably two bodies, because he wouldn’t want to leave a witness (camera man).  $10 says he would have picked the door behind the weeds.  That’s definitely the most inconspicuous door.  That red one just screams nuclear weapons and bodies.

Russian-Bulletproof-helmet-testOn a semi-related note, if you’re an ENDO OG, you’ll remember the post on where a muddy road was fixed with discarded AK-47 mags in Russia.



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They were the real deal…


After telling my FaceBook friends they could shoot my T.V. if the Saints beat the Redskins, they showed up in full force after the Saints won in OT 33-30.


  • Beer – check
  • Guns – check
  • Ammunition – check
  • No hearing protection – check
  • Imitation football helmet to run head first into T.V. with, after you shoot it into a million sharp pieces – check
  • Video camera to document the events for posting on youtube – check