They released yet another trailer:

Hitman-four-1911-handgunsYep… I still want to see it in all it’s four 1911 glory.  This latest trailer actually shows it’s even more intense than I originally thought.

In Theaters August 21th, 2015.   You guys seeing it? Damn Hitman even knows how to market it with that vid still huh? :P

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Holy shit I want to see this:

Quinn from Homeland FTW!  Definitely one of the best characters on that awesome show.  Strong opening with the Jimi Hendrix voodoo chile riffs.

0:29 – FOUR 1911s!  hahah what’s up with the two upside down ones that are permanently muzzling him though?  Someone who plays these games care to give some insight?


1:34 – I know to most people it’s probably not a big deal, but when I see a blank in a movie a piece of me dies :(  With all the video post production editing done in 2015, that would be such an easy fix especially for closeups where it’s real obvious:


Yea I’ll be seeing this.  Related side note, I don’t know what it is about Zachary Quinto but that kid kind of irritates me.  I didn’t like him on Heroes either.



Another video game promotion.  All these YouTubers are toeing company lines now:

Like his hollywood buddy Freddiew, it seems that FPS is now also all about the corporate clients. I’ve got to wonder, does that drain the fun out of doing videos it as much as it appears to?

What a terrible looking suit.  I guess it’s just a costume though for the video, so in other words who cares.

I was 100% convinced FPS actually shaved his head for this video until he turned around at 1:47 where I think I can see some makeup lines.  Pretty good job on that makeup though if you ask me.

The graphics in this Hitman look amazing, but I wonder if the game play is any good.  Anyone play it yet?



I had high hopes for this video:

At least they had brass ejecting from the hitman’s guns.  I don’t recall very many of their videos having that.

Freddiew is still on a streak of mediocrity as far as I’m concerned.  We discussed this before, but it’s almost like he has to make the videos now… unlike before when he was hungry and WANTED to make them.

I haven’t played a Hitman game in a while, but I see Hitman Absolution is out, which this video was basically a promo for.