I should have been an artist. Wait.. i’m young, it’s probably not too late. Check out this “art” by LA based James Georgopoulos:

Profound purpose statement:

“Guns of Cinema” is a fearless compilation of iconic cinematic gun images. These works carry a theme that confronts controversy, questioning what makes this object inspirational – the same object that has the ability to protect and take away freedoms or the power to alter history and threaten or destroy lives.

LOL yea.. pretty boilerplate.

So as you can see, James Georgopoulos’ “art” amounts to taking pictures of prop guns and putting them in front of high contrast solid color backgrounds.  He then enlarges the pictures and gets prints made that are several feet across, and through that becomes rich. This guy is a genius… *slow clap*

You can visit his website – JamesGeorgopoulos.org

I’ve been to a handful of famous art museums, and there is definitely crap like this that any joker can do.  On the other end of the spectrum there are the incredibly complex/skilled pieces; I have a lot of respect for those those artists.



I guess I never really gave it much though, but I always just assumed the planes, tanks, guns etc. were all fake. Pretty cool that the equipment and operators are actually “for rent” if you are a big enough outfit.

It’s actually a good idea to involve the military directly like they are doing if you want realism.  It is also nice that production companies are not (yet) forced to include the military in all related projects.


The gun that Beverly Hills police believe was used in the slaying of Ronni Chasen was a .38-caliber revolver, according law enforcement sources.

This would explain one of the mysteries surrounding the Hollywood publicist’s death: There were no shell casings recovered from the scene where she was shot because in revolvers, shell casings remain in the chamber after firing.

Hmm… k well not such a mystery if you know anything about guns… but go on L.A. Times…

The lack of shell casings had led to some speculation that the shooting was a professional job by a hit man who collected the casings before leaving the scene.

Full story – HERE

A hitman SO professional that he collects his shell casings and disappears without a trace. Classic… Some people watch too many movies.


“Hollywood overkill of the sideways gangsta shooting method encouraged many modern hoods to look for a less trendy but equally cool-looking technique for offin’ someone,'” wrote freelancer Marian Ayoob in Handguns’ September cover story, entitled “Better To Look Good Than To Shoot Good.” “Over the last three months, holding a gun completely upside down has become the predominant method used by stylish gangstas whom, as they say, ‘be fixin’ to put a cap in a [person’s] dome.'”

Full hilarious article – HERE

The best parts are the Massad Marian Ayoob quotes.


If they made this type of infantry experience available to civilians as a weekend camp, I think it would be pretty popular. I’m thinking rich business men would be down for this kind of adrenaline rush.

They should start the training out with an R. Lee Ermey “Full Metal Jacket” style reaming.

Damn good idea to have such realistic training. Better to learn from your mistakes in training then do potentially die or become a liability in real combat.

Strategic Operations website – HERE

Hat Tip: Solomon