You’ll kick doors, you’ll forward flip, you’ll pop smoke, you’ll slice pies:

Like commenter Overtshot mentioned, it’s like this guy is a Tom Clancy character.

For the first half of the clip it appears he borrowed the town park for the afternoon.   This is where you play with training pistols before graduating to the real thing.

2:18 – Yesssssssss I was hoping there would be tactical forward rolls.  Always a recommended move.  Such a piss off when you roll through dog poo though… ruins my day!

I’m nicknaming the “keep the pistol in your workspace” move the TACTICAL T-REX.  So much of that in the video.

Instructor-ZeroRule #234 – When putting firearms footage up on youtube that features a group of people, always make sure to pixelate at least one face out, just to show how OPSEC AS ____ some of the guys you roll with are.

As a whole, this video isn’t as high speed as the Dark Side Of Firearms Training preview video I posted last week, that’s for sure.

Thoughts?  Would Train with Instructor Zero?


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Try as they will… they still can’t top Cut You Down:

Come-And-Take-ItThe thing about the Cut You Down video, was that the song was a great fit for the footage, and it’s a great song.  Maybe if this particular video was set to… oh I don’t know Beyonce – Flawless we’d have a hit on our hands. *I woke up like dis… I woke up like dis* *operators we flawless… operators we flawless* *My Glock flawless my Glock flawless* because this drum beating track though has me like “meh”.  High speed footage though… keep operating bros. Damn what about that synchronized dancing though? Watch me bring that to the gun world and subsequently swan dive into the DM conversations your girl has with her friends.



HSLD Polish operators in cinematic operations:

Really nice looking video.  I felt like I was watching footage from a Bond movie.

Poland-Coat-Of-Arms2:30 – Is that Polish woodland camo?  I like it!  It even looks like it’s made from ripstop fabric.

7:00 – What’s that weird contraption behind the muzzle brake on his barrel for?

Thoughts?  Does Poland have a good reputation as on of our tactical allies?

Hat tip: Olly


If you’re not operating a tactical pizza cutter on the reg you’re not Tier 1 enough to live:




$30 from ThinkGeek.

Epic how it comes with the laser / flashlight but yet can be removed to expose a full picatinny rail underneath.  I’d probably opt for a Nightforce 5-25x because I’m smooth like that with the long distance ops.

The pizza cutter body is a Zinc alloy, but for some reason it’s not dishwasher safe though… does Zinc have trouble with soap and hot water?  Oh.. Maybe they think people won’t remove the laser / light before washing.



This guy’s photography skills are high speed low drag:



The guy who took the pictures is from Finland and his name is Herra Kuulapaa.  There are lots more pictures of bullets leaving the barrels of other guns over on his website.  The Guy Fawkes mask is a nice touch for anonymity.

High speed photography sure looks awesome, but it also looks like a lot of work… that’s why I’ll leave it to the pros who already have all the equipment.

I always knew shooting was a dirty sport just by how filthy my hands get after a few hours at the range.  You really don’t realize how much crap besides the bullet actually comes out of the barrel until you see high speed photographs or video.  No wonder indoor ranges have to be so well ventilated!

Those pictures are art if you ask me.  Mad respect due for capturing the .50 AE from a Deagle brand Deagle.


Hat tip: Chris, Ron


From the same guys who brought us the classic “Cut you down” video:

ShakespeareOperatorI don’t like the song in this one as much, so it didn’t quite have the same effect on me.  It doesn’t take a genius to see these guys have skills, not to mention some nice gear!

Wow, just shy of 445,000 views on Cut you down!