Hunter Cayll

Jerry x Hunter Cayll:

Interesting mods he made… I like his DIY style.  You can build anything from a Cold Fusion reactor, to a perpetual motion machine with JB Weld and zip ties… trust me on this one.  A friend of mine when I was younger had a (we’ll call it “vintage”) snowmobile that had an engine block which was basically rebuilt with JB Weld and it worked fine haha.

I wonder if Hunter carries?  Open carry I suppose would be more doable if the mods are as bulky… concealed might be a challenge though unless he’s really creative.  He should just make a permanent Tarantino Grindhouse-like arm gun and be like “deal with it” whenever someone side eyes him.

Hunter-Cayll-Shooting-ModsI posted some videos of Hunter Cayll in the past.  It’s really hard to believe he can shoot and manipulate firearms as well as he can.  I have two hands and don’t come close to his skill, granted I spend most of my time drinking coffee, making memes, online shopping, and stuffing my face with food.



Better than I operate with hands:

Seriously awesome.  I can’t believe how some people overcome adversity, very impressive.

Nubs-No-Hand-ShooterReminds me of the video where the guy shoots with his feet, and another video where a young girl shoots with her feet.

Hunter has a facebook page with more vids of him operating.   Looks like he also has a sense of humor about it and calls himself “nubs”.  I always feel uncomfortable latching onto the disability related monikers, even if the person in question embraces it.  Kind of like when the Burger King Kids Club had “Wheels” (A kid in a wheel chair in it).  

Hat tip: FirearmBlog