Not only was the shooter slow with this method.. but I also just don’t like it.  What’s wrong with sling shotting the slide?:

Additionally… was this some sort of drill with a dud round?  Did he have an FTF?  I’m asking this because I’m wondering why the pistol didn’t go into slide-lock when he fired the previous round.  Is it something I’m too low speed to understand?

Cue the comment: “Ya Mike what do you know anyway?  Do you even IDPA?  Plenty of guys use this method, nothing to see here move along.”

Me: “Whatever brah.  Lets blade.”

Stand-by-me-19110:02 – DAT FLINCH.  ahhhhhhh.

I don’t know what kind of Gucci 1911 that is, but judging by the finish on it and the excessive serrations I bet it’s the price of a lightly used FIAT.


P.S. – Jet fuel can’t melt beams. 2Pac lives.  Beyonce is illuminati.  Browning did 1911.

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JohnnyIshootStuff made a little vid about his easy to build stand:

triple-tap-poster-chinese-IPSC-shootingLooks good.  Due to its light weight I’m assuming you’d probably need to put something on the legs when the wind picks up… but I’m sure you guys can figure out something creative.  Heck you could probably fill the legs up with sand after incorporating a couple extra PVC pieces into the mix. As is you could probably pour cement in them.



Ten years ago, John was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle wreck, leaving him 95 percent blind.  While some people may see John’s blindness as a handicap, through these doors he’s just another one of the guys.

John’s pistol is equipped with special sights, and he memorizes the locations of the targets. He’s shot in International Defensive Pistol Association, or IDPA matches, at ranges from Alaska to Ada, Paris, and Sherman, for more than a year.

Full Story – HERE

Good to see that his handicap isn’t stopping him from doing what he loves.

Hat Tip: Say Uncle