This is money:

So sneaky.  Water or land, those ISIS dudes get it done.

ISIS-Goat-Hostage-TargetPlease tell me that song was in the original video, not just in this re-upload.  Definitely topping the Jihad Billboard 50. 

There was another awesome video of their training, where they were moving around like ninjas, but sadly YouTube removed it I see.



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*Insert eye roll here* and the outrage:

One news report on the outrage:

bubbles-trailer-park-boysWow people really need to lighten up.  It wasn’t very funny, but definitely wasn’t like OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT.  Please.

I can’t believe this is considered “pushing the limits” now in comedy.  I also can’t believe TV in general (with commercials) still exists, and SNL as a whole.




I decided to keep the shit talking to a minimum in this post.  I’m not out here trying to get merc’d… we know these ISIS dudes don’t play.  Killing people over cartoons and shit.  I will however note timestamps of interest, and make astute observations:

0:10 – Dude on the left with the sneak dare-to-be-different move over the fence and into the former flowerbed.  I see you.

0:23 – Real Camouflage.  So hot for 2015.

0:33 – Punching ceramic tiles.  Crucial combat skill for sure.

0:37 – Ceramic tile head break.  Another TIER 1 maneuver.  Islamic Home Depot must love these guys, constantly sending yung Abu there for the re-up.

0:44 – Oh damn a forward roll OVER the rifle, with the pickup and foot-steady to aim?  These guys!  Sheeeeeiiiiit.

1:00 – Squad. Rollin deep.  Back to fucking back all white hanging out the window not giving a shit.  Reppin Allah to the fullest.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme1:25 – The Islamic Napoleon Dynamite.  The red filter and gaussian blur edges really took it to the next level for me.  Stay woke.  THE SPLITS at the end of this segment even.  I’m impressed.

1:54 – Squad out on the training farm, practicing those forward rolls over a levee.


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This guy does it:

Talk-Shit-To-ISISIf you’re not talking shit about ISIS or at ISIS on the reg, you’re just not a good American. :)

The kitted out jam-o-matic 10/22 and knives are pure gold. How did he even get a 10/22 to malfunction that many times in such a short period of time? haha EDIT: You guys say it’s a Mossberg 702 Plinkster. Thanks for the clarification. At least the good name of Ruger and their 10/22 isn’t tarnished any longer.

I agree with the sentiment… have a shitty day ISIS.

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Lets find out the address they registered Adobe Premiere or Final Cut to and SEND THEM HELLFIRE MISSILES:

Despite the fact terrorists apparently are in the 21st century now with the video editing, and enjoy slow motion footage and good production value is both troubling and refreshing at the same time.  It sucks that once these shitheads are dead there will be hundreds more groups pop up to kill too.

Here is a Palestinian parody of ISIS:

HowTerroristsGetInhaha a lot of times foreign humor (even from countries who speak English) doesn’t translate well and isn’t funny by American standards.  That shit was pretty good though.

Steven Crowder has a video on “ISIS the Al Qaeda rebranding” which he’s getting a lot of flack for.


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