israeli carry

Yes, you read that right… CONDITION TREE:

Fire extinguisher in frame, just in case this dumpster fire gets away. 😏

Cute pearl bracelet bro.


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Also known as “Israeli carry”:

“That’s dangerous!”  Response: “I hope it is”

I have to say I 100% agree with Buck on this one.  If you want proof check out this video of a jewelry store robbery where the employee or owner didn’t have one in the chamber.

MrColionNoir also did a video on the topic a couple months ago.

I’m starting to think that shoulder roll is a integral part of his speedy draw…



MrColionNoir has some thoughts on the topic:

Get a good holster.. end of discussion.  If you have a shitty holster then I would actually recommend carrying without a round in the chamber… because you are attempting to save $40-60 on something you definitely shouldn’t be skimping on.

LOL at 1:04!  hahah that was great.

If you like his Run Guns t-shirt it can be bought over at ENDO Apparel.  I like his Keep Calm And Carry One reference at the end too… subtle.

Thoughts?  Are any of you guys into Israeli carry (keeping the chamber empty until you rack the slide like a ninja)? Or is everyone in agreement that an unloaded gun is a useless club?