It’s really like this:

Why you askin so many questions huh?

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Quick, what does “DERP” translate to in Italian?

I hope they make body armor as good as they make pizza and desserts.  Wow what a boss… I’m so impressed. *eye roll*  I said it once, and i’ll say it again… stuff like this is just is not necessary.  I’d much rather see some scientific data than some derp.

I can’t wait until one or more of you guys says “Why does it matter that the body armor is Italian?… very petty Mike.  If they were testing American body armor like this I bet you wouldn’t make fun of the videos. Oh yea, and the guy testing the body armor is gay, so that makes you even more of an asshole.”   hahah I still think it’s hilarious a handful of you guys got pissed off that I referred to Rachel Maddow as “he” again yesterday. If you haven’t figured it out already, I use this blog primarily to poke fun at things I find humor in.


Hat tip: Anger, Krystian, and Peter


That smirk is because of her 172 confirmed kills:

She even has excellent trigger discipline.

It appears she got issued a left handed M4, which strikes me as odd :P  Does the military issue both right and left handed guns, or are lefties told to suck it up and learn to shoot right?