Jerry Miculek

Jerry with the converted c96 Mauser:

StarWarsReally neat slo-mo footage in this.  The Mauser is one of a kind.

If you’re a Star Wars nerd and are looking for more blaster related content, make sure to check out when Adam Savage from Mythbusters built one.



Preparing it with a revolver:

Jerry-Miculekhaha nice.  Damn 9 minutes though!  A bit long but still entertaining enough I suppose.

7:05 – Blue top is training (inert) right?  Someone off camera shot binary explosives or something to provide the boom?


Jerry killin it as usual:

Thumbs-And-Ammo-Terminator-20:45 – At this point I’m like PLEASE DON’T SHOW ME JERRY’S JUNK.

hahah man Jerry is too good at this.  Perfect timing for me considering I just watched Terminator Genisys a couple nights ago.  Great movie btw with LOADS of action if you haven’t seen it.

4:00 – I’m never one to muzzle sweep myself on purpose, this is all incredibly badass though wow.

Would kill machines with?


Russian Jerry Miculek in the house:

This guy is damn good at point shooting.  He doesn’t use the sights for the entire video, and it’s NOTHING to him.  Nothing but steel noise.

1:09 – Holy, that hat has seen better days.  Dual wielding in the sun will do that.

1:38 – I thought that was pedo bear on this jersey at quick glance.  It isn’t of course.  Just a Grizzly.

2:57 – Ohhhhhh shit, multicam tape on the fingers.  Shit is about to get real.   Oh, hmmm, shit never did get real… the video just ended.

Here’s another more intense/fun video of him dual wielding the glocks and point shooting:

Glock-Aid10/10 would operate with.



2:12 – LOL a decoy Jerry in black face? What the hell?

3:00 – Dude has too much fun.  He’s has the agility of a pre-cowwadoody 14 year old boy.

3:18 – Where did he get the truck and all these fancy props from?  Has the Jurassic plug no doubt.  Put me in touch with Jeff Goldblum, I have an idea I want to pitch him.

Oh crazy, at the end it mentioned his daughter and her husband made the Jurassic Park Ford explorer up.

Jurassic-WorldLike I mentioned before, Jerry is owning YouTube youngsters at their own game.  I still haven’t seen Jurassic World but it’s on my list.  Tryin to get that Chris Pratt Men’s Fitness cover body for the summer time too, you feel me? I was going to post some progress shots on Instagram, but didn’t want the gun bunnies to lose their minds.  haha



Shootout Lane:

Shootout Lane is a new reality series following Jerry Miculek and his family as they cover everything from matches, day to day life, and a behind the scenes look at the filming of our YouTube videos! See a behind the scenes look at the life of ‘The First Family of Shooting’!

Premieres on the Outdoor Channel April 1st (next Wednesday).  It’s sad that because (I’m guessing) this show won’t be a train wreck with drama and safety violations it probably won’t ever get big time popular…. like Kardashian levels.   You need to be a mess to make it there.  Funny as I was typing Kardashian I assumed the red dots would appear underneath it because it’s a surname not a dictionary word.  Nope… it’s in Chrome’s dictionary.  Miculek isn’t though!  *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Jerry-MiculekI own a 55″ tv that has razor thin bezel and is less than an inch thick *lifestyle flex*, but haven’t had cable or satellite in 10 years.  I hope Outdoor Channel puts up the full episodes online or YouTube, but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.  I picture Jerry being a beast with the contracts though, so maybe he worked that in for us.