Jerry Miculek

GEN1 and GEN3 word up. #TeamFuckGen4 amirite guys? I’m telling you I bet Glock goes back to basics on the Gen5 or Gen6.

1:40 – *smh* 60 rounds in 5 seconds. It’s nothing for Jerry to stunt. If Jerry is ever involved in a self defense shooting, his lawyer is going to carefully navigate a nightmare. I can hear it now from the lawyer of the scumbag he shot – “Your honor, I believe any reasonable man or woman would agree that 120 holes is a lot of holes in the deceased for an incident that started and was over in 10 seconds.   This man had a clear thirst for blood that day your honor… one might even call it insatiable”

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryI need to buy a gen 1 someday just for posterity.

Jerry’s favorite Bone Thugs song is definitely this one.



Jerry x Hunter Cayll:

Interesting mods he made… I like his DIY style.  You can build anything from a Cold Fusion reactor, to a perpetual motion machine with JB Weld and zip ties… trust me on this one.  A friend of mine when I was younger had a (we’ll call it “vintage”) snowmobile that had an engine block which was basically rebuilt with JB Weld and it worked fine haha.

I wonder if Hunter carries?  Open carry I suppose would be more doable if the mods are as bulky… concealed might be a challenge though unless he’s really creative.  He should just make a permanent Tarantino Grindhouse-like arm gun and be like “deal with it” whenever someone side eyes him.

Hunter-Cayll-Shooting-ModsI posted some videos of Hunter Cayll in the past.  It’s really hard to believe he can shoot and manipulate firearms as well as he can.  I have two hands and don’t come close to his skill, granted I spend most of my time drinking coffee, making memes, online shopping, and stuffing my face with food.



Jerry with the converted c96 Mauser:

StarWarsReally neat slo-mo footage in this.  The Mauser is one of a kind.

If you’re a Star Wars nerd and are looking for more blaster related content, make sure to check out when Adam Savage from Mythbusters built one.



Preparing it with a revolver:

Jerry-Miculekhaha nice.  Damn 9 minutes though!  A bit long but still entertaining enough I suppose.

7:05 – Blue top is training (inert) right?  Someone off camera shot binary explosives or something to provide the boom?


Jerry killin it as usual:

Thumbs-And-Ammo-Terminator-20:45 – At this point I’m like PLEASE DON’T SHOW ME JERRY’S JUNK.

hahah man Jerry is too good at this.  Perfect timing for me considering I just watched Terminator Genisys a couple nights ago.  Great movie btw with LOADS of action if you haven’t seen it.

4:00 – I’m never one to muzzle sweep myself on purpose, this is all incredibly badass though wow.

Would kill machines with?


Russian Jerry Miculek in the house:

This guy is damn good at point shooting.  He doesn’t use the sights for the entire video, and it’s NOTHING to him.  Nothing but steel noise.

1:09 – Holy, that hat has seen better days.  Dual wielding in the sun will do that.

1:38 – I thought that was pedo bear on this jersey at quick glance.  It isn’t of course.  Just a Grizzly.

2:57 – Ohhhhhh shit, multicam tape on the fingers.  Shit is about to get real.   Oh, hmmm, shit never did get real… the video just ended.

Here’s another more intense/fun video of him dual wielding the glocks and point shooting:

Glock-Aid10/10 would operate with.