Jesse James

I remember when all the teenage girls on YouTube were doing these whiteboard videos:

What’s next, are they going to write cute on a stack of blank cards and stare into the camera and drop them one by one to form a story? haha all kidding aside, this ammo looks like it works as intended:

The fact it’s glowing rather than burning is pretty sweet.  When they said “priced so you can afford it” in the first video I was thinking *side-eye… we’ll see*… but I looked at the site and it’s $13 for a box of 20 rounds of 9mm, which actually isn’t terrible.

It’s Patented apparently? Did they come up with a different thing than Fiocchi as been doing since at least 2011?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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For a mere $6950 this could have been yours *smh*:


From the personal collection of Jesse James.   Why someone would engrave “Britney Spears” on the slide of a 1911 is beyond me.  No explanation is offered on the website.

A lot of the prices on that page seem to be way too high.  Will people pay exorbitant amounts of money just because a “celebrity” owned the gun?  The answer is definitely.

I’ll wait for the 1 of 1 “Gilbert Gottfried” engraved slide.


Gat tip: Jerry


hahah oh man, Jesse is loving this guy:

Phuc-Long-Firepower-UnitedHas anyone actually metered that thing yet?  I remember a while back when someone was supposed to compare it to some other cans but Jesse James backed out.  Guys gave him a pretty rough time after that.

Thoughts?  I’m finding there’s basically no other SHOT show coverage worth posting if it’s not a Phuc Long video.