jessie abbate

A single tear rolled down my cheek when she left Glock.  It’s pretty obvious she can crush it in the shooting and looks department no matter what company she’s at though so I’m not mad.

I’m assuming that PH Factor of 9 means her 1911 is chambered in 9mm. (Blasphemy!!!)

Thoughts?  Does she make you want to buy a Taurus?


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New show premiering January 2 at 10:30 EST on the Outdoor Channel.

The trailer kind of jumps around a lot so I have no real preliminary opinion, besides the fact that I think Jessie Abbate could make anything enjoyable to watch. I never heard of that Matt Duff guy, but he seems alright.

The show’s website – HERE


Congrats to her!


This year Abbate claimed both the Production and Limited division women’s titles. In 2008 she was crowned the Limited and Limited-10 champion.

Full article at – HERE

Wow that girl can shoot!

Check out her website – HERE