Jessie Duff

A well done video short about 27 time world champion pistol shooter Jessie Duff:

Jessie-Duff-Taurus-FirearmsI’ve always thought she seemed cool.  I hope winning 27 world titles made her very rich, but I have my doubts.

Interesting how she’s with Weatherby / Taurus still rather than Glock.  For me the “cool factor” just isn’t present at those companies compared to Glock (who she used to shoot for).



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A single tear rolled down my cheek when she left Glock.  It’s pretty obvious she can crush it in the shooting and looks department no matter what company she’s at though so I’m not mad.

I’m assuming that PH Factor of 9 means her 1911 is chambered in 9mm. (Blasphemy!!!)

Thoughts?  Does she make you want to buy a Taurus?