Joe Biden

Double Barrel Biden is at it again, granted he was just trying to make a kid’s day:

I am sorry it took me so very long to respond to your letter. I really like your idea. If we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would out country by safer, it would be happier. People love chocolate.

You are a good boy,
Joe Biden

Joe-Biden-Chocolate-Shooting-Guns-LetterNews flash, chocolate at several thousand feet per second is still going to kill someone.  Richard Ryan?  Demolition Ranch?  Mattv2099?  Iraqveteran8888? HighJak86? and every other shooting YouTuber I frequently post… maybe a special chocolate load is in order to debunk Biden’s theory of a safer America?  Actually maybe that’s a bad idea… I’m not interested in hearing about a chocolate registry and assault chocolate on a daily basis from the media in the future. Thoughts?

Hat tip: Joshua


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Talking about responsibility:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-Calm2:08 – Why is he unloading his handgun every night? Is that a Texas thing? If not, it doesn’t sound like something MrColionNoir would normally say.

I asked him on Twitter, so we’ll see what he says. I have his personal contact info too obviously, so if he doesn’t reply on social media I’ll badger him the old fashioned way and give you guys an update haha.

Thoughts? Are you liking these NRA News collabs?


I was holding off on a new shotgun purchase until Vigilant Spectre weighed in:

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERPThe intro vid was face paced, informative, and entertaining enough.  Hopefully the series they are doing will be worth watching.  They really have come a long way by any measure from back in the old days… that said I know a lot of people still aren’t interested in taking advice from guys that aren’t actual former operators in operations.  Hell I even hear a lot of shit talking about Chris Costa solely because he was in the Coast Guard (Note: I make fun of Costa for shark jumping… The man can shoot and I think anyone can learn a lot from him).

Thoughts?  Will you be tuning into this Vigilant Spectre series?  I’ll watch them, but keeping it real I honestly won’t post them unless I can poke fun at safety violations, derp and what not.


Check out the “buy a shotgun” advice video, if you’re not familiar.

Oh yea, and did you catch this?

Gabrielle Giffords was mortally wounded?  She’s alive dumbass.   So this is how smart you have to be to get a Vice President job huh?  Truly is an inspiration to so many out there.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointClips clips clips clips.  I love how people continue to say that term is “interchangeable” with magazine.  It’s not.



One of the blog readers (Michael G) photoshopped this:


hahah epic!  Thanks Michael.

If you some how don’t get the Joe Biden shotgun reference check the link.


Fxhummel1 belts it out on behalf of Joe “Shotgun” Biden:

hahah this is priceless.  Looks like today is the day of Joe Biden rips and ENDO shirts.

AR-15 Builders Club T-ShirtFXhummel1 is wearing the AR-15 Builders Club T-shirt.

Although I enjoy all of FXhummel’s songs, I’d have to say this one in particular slayed me… that chorus was especially catchy.