John McPhee


Dude is so ratchet.  Uh I mean he used a ratchet to jam in front of the trigger and knock backwards.  Here is the description from the facebook video post:

Trigger Jerk is an Illusion! There is no such thing. Your trigger finger is not strong enough. In this vid I pulled the trigger with this 1/2″ ratchet. Look how hard I hit the ratchet. I regularly break Glock triggers so I carry extras. Lol. Trigger jerk is actually Anticipation starts in the brain and moves the gun before it goes off. Not your Finger!!! Commonly known as a flinch. The fix is relax the brain and Don’t Do It! Lol.

ratchetI stripped like 15 hashtags out, because he writes like an 16 year old instagram girl.

The instructor in the video is John McPhee from Sheriff of Baghdad Tactical.  I’m not sure if he offers “Advanced Ratchet” or “CQB Ratchet” or “Long Range Ratchet + Knife Fighting”, but I’m sure the info is on his website if you care to look.

Thoughts?  You impressed by this flagrant display of ratchetness?


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