JohnnyIShootStuff puts it to the test:

Canon-Camera-Rifle-AR-15Something innocuous is always getting mistaken for a gun, and a shit storm ensues.

hahah good effort from Johnny.  Thoughts?

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JohnnyIshootStuff with a real world demo:

A lot of people including myself called him out to do a video like this after his original shooting range plastic bag concealed carry shooting test video which was a response to the article I posted about on shopping bag concealed carry.

Shopping-Bag-Concealed-CarryRight on, as you can see no one cared.  Props to him for using a translucent bag too.  Sure some people are going to say he put a blue gun or a gun shaped item in the bag before he went out for his walk, but I think it still proves the point that no one cares when a clean cut guy with a shopping bag is walking around normally.  It’s not a coincidence that Jonny looks like a cop, he some sort of Law Enforcement according to the “duty gun” comment in his YouTube profile. I don’t think I’d recommend any of you non-LEO guys to try this, because if you are made chances are you’ll get a face full of concrete and have some explaining to do.

I don’t know what city this was done in, but I’m sure lots of you will recognize.

Thoughts?  Should he redo the video with a Victoria’s Secret bag?


JohnnyIShootStuff takes a look at something I questioned the effectiveness of last week:

Here was the original post on Shopping bag handgun concealed carry if you missed it.

1:11 – That IS gangsta that it keeps the casings inside the bag.

Shopping-Bag-Concealed-CarryJohnny likes the idea, from a shooting effectiveness standpoint.  He still says he’s going to do a vid with a public walkabout, which I’m not so sure will fly under the radar as much as he hopes it will.   I hope he picks a better bag for that test… one that isn’t translucent.  I’d really prefer he didn’t get shot by the cops and end up on the news.



JohnnyIshootStuff made a little vid about his easy to build stand:

triple-tap-poster-chinese-IPSC-shootingLooks good.  Due to its light weight I’m assuming you’d probably need to put something on the legs when the wind picks up… but I’m sure you guys can figure out something creative.  Heck you could probably fill the legs up with sand after incorporating a couple extra PVC pieces into the mix. As is you could probably pour cement in them.