The guys from JustKiddingFilms:

There was a big emphasis on safety, then they did some drills.  Good times were had.

5:00 – haha when you use the same targets without pasting them up, there’s always going to be arguments over who put what hole where.

It’s good to see non-shooting YouTube channels not afraid to put out a shooting related videos.  It seems things are going that way a lot more… like “Oh you don’t like guns?  Cool, unsubscribe or get mad in the comments then, because it’s legal and we did it so deal with it” type thing.

8:06 & 8:47 – LOL best drill ever.

9:25 – He talks about the Costa grip haha.  I like that guy’s GMT.

JustKiddingFilms-Shooting10:39 – LOL these scenarios are the best.  I don’t know how well emptying a mag into a guy stealing your computer would hold up in court, but who am I to speak on the law?


Gat tip: John


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