*thinking emojii*. The last painting in the collection:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyMan, Travis is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.  If I had a painting I commissioned which I sold I’d just be like “This is a painting.  If you like it you should buy it.  That’s all, thanks guys.”.  Maybe now though I’ll write hugely elaborate explanations with multiple tie-ins to my life history and philosophy just to troll all of you.  I’ll then release a super serious video with orchestra music, good depth of field camera work, and inspiring footage.

Out of all his previous paintings, this one is definitely one that I actually don’t mind.  It doesn’t look like an affliction t-shirt so that’s good.  There are four paintings in total including this one, but I only blogged about two, here and here.  If you’re interested in any of the artwork you should head to the Keomaka website. Prices range based on the size.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Deep brAh… deeep:

Travis-Haley-Ed-HardyThis one is a bit too “Affliction t-shirt” for my liking, but damn that Keomaka (artist) is talented.  Priced from $20 for an 11×14″ print … all the way up to limited edition larger prints for $1500.

Ugh, what’s a Travis Haley video though where we can’t see his beautiful skin? *pause*  Almost 2 minutes of my life, and all I see is the back of his neck and hands in poor lighting.

If you missed the first piece of Travis Haley commissioned artwork check it out here.



Dragonfly print and some deep stuff about life:

Wat-memeWhoa.  I’ve mentioned in the past posts how deep Travis is… dude is on a whole other level.  When I see videos like this and hear people talk like Travis, despite all my accomplishments I can’t help but feel like an idiot.  Should I be thinking about stuff deeper than what kind of coffee I’m going to order tomorrow? If I’ll start to turn the heat up on Tinder again?  Should I get the smoked cheddar next time at Costco, or the old cheddar?  Maybe both + the brie because YOLO?  *ARGH get it together Mike…. you too can pick a small but important insect, create another brand and tell a story around it.*

Anyway if you like the Dragonfly print you can head to the artist’s website and cop.  The smallest size 11×14″ is only $20. If you’re cake’d up and it’s nothing to stunt, get the $1500 version (only 10 made).