killer robots

VICE is on it:

Boston Dynamics and DARPA are so lit.  I can’t wait until they can program those things to kill ISIS and replace soldiers in many situations, kind of like they are doing with drone aircraft, and EOD robots right now.

Since I’m posting about a VICE video I’d be willing to put money on the fact you guys will make fun of the hipster VICE guy reporting hahah.  So predictable :P.

I can tell this whole new wave of robots is going to encounter the exact same friction guns do.  “BUT IT CAN HURT ME” type statements always being made.  Might as well just form a coalition of “moms against robots” right now and get a head start.  Bloomberg I know you creep this blog son… throw some money at some single moms trying to pay their way through college by putting them on this anti-robot thing.  Robots are the future.  Maybe as long as the engineers make the robots look organic it will be cool… make a black robot though and shit will hit the fan.

5:42 – $2.5 – $3.5M doesn’t seem like that much money for all that R&D.  I suppose a lot of it is probably from students doing it for free though as a part of their thesis etc..

6:28 – LOL my prediction is already reality… “Campaign to stop killer robots” *face palm* what a tool.

11:05 – Aaaaah damn that was so close.  The solider should have dick-checked that VICE guy with the robot and knocked the wind out of him.

14:16 – Uh… how about you do us a favor and quit producing terrorists in your country?  KTHX bro.

24:00 – Go home robot, you’re drunk!

Arghh that lady against killer robots is so obnoxious.   Girl do you even homeland security?

dont-drone-me-broBetter to have a robot and not need one then to need a robot and not have one.

The professor at the end makes some interesting points.