Every time I see Rudy Reyes in something new, it reminds me how I need to revisit Generation Kill:

511-Tactial-Duty-KiltIf you remember, this 5.11 tactical kilt thing started as an April fools joke a handful of years back, and people were like “I WANT THAT *throwing money at screen*”, so they started making them.  Glad to see 5.11 has a sense of humor anyway.  You can pick up a tactical duty kilt for $90 if you need more genital grazing breezes in your life.


Gat tip: Christopher

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One of the classic April-fools-joke-turned-profitable stories is back:

511-Tactial-Duty-KiltIn 2012 5.11 first released the Tactical Kilt as an April fools joke, and of course everyone wanted one.  Well it looks like they are back again this year.  Great vid guys!

Thoughts?  The product really isn’t my type of thing, but I can see the novelty for sure.  Get a black one, wear it with a tall T and people will say you’re biting Kayne’s style.

According to the 5.11 website, $10 from each kilt sale goes to the FBINAA charity.

Thoughts?  Anyone miss this the first time around and want in now?


It started out as a April Fools joke and became a reality:

$60 over at 5.11.  It’s a pre-order right now, shipping September 1st. Order yours up today!

5.11 gave a ton of stuff away here on the blog a couple weeks ago… maybe they would want to give a few kilts away?  I’ll look into it if you guys are interested.

For the love of god wear some underwear underneath if you buy this.   No need to let the world know you operate in drafty operations.



This blog is no stranger to the Tactical Kilt… I posted some pictures about a year ago and my thoughts still remain the same.

I actually forgot they existed until last Sunday’s episode of Top Shot (S01E06 – Wild Wild West) where former British Army Captain Iain Harrison had one on for the first half of the show:

It was both surprising and disappointing that no on camera kilt jokes were made.

At least they didn’t have to watch him shoot prone.  LOL


It appears to be around $200 depending on the options you want.

A must have for the tactical Scotsman.  Available in Multicam, ACU, DCU, ABU, Black, and I’m guessing whatever custom color/pattern you want.   Pretty cool how it has built in MOLLE webbing, mag pouches etc..  I still wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of these, but by the looks of the guys that do wear these, you wouldn’t want to laugh at them!




Order info and more pictures at the Needle Pimp – HERE