Kriss Vector

Richard Ryan has no love for Google Glass:

The recent team-up of Luxottica with Google glass has me excited, because I know I’m getting close to finally being able to get some hipster frames such as classic RayBan’s with Google Glass in them.

The ROF on the Kriss always blows my mind.  Really cool seeing that big .45 come out of the suppressor. I’m surprised how much the upper and lower parts of the gun move.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtIt’s still unconfirmed whether or not Richard did this ENTIRE video outside the Marriott.  I’m going with YES… yes he did.

hahaha wow… seeing Richard dual wield the Kriss’ with the ENDO Apparel Deagle t-shirt on made my day.

Thoughts? Is Google Glass something you’re excited about getting someday?


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Take a look if you’re a fan of Hickok and/or the gun:

I didn’t watch all 29 minutes worth, but I skipped through and as usual he connects with basically everything he shoots at, no matter what the distance is.

Hickok45-YoutubeSeemed kind of weird to see him hold the suppressor while shooting though.  I’m no suppressor guru, but I thought that was frowned upon for multiple reasons including the fact they normally get hot after several rounds.