Kristen Holmes

This girl doesn’t play.  Bringing the Glock out the leather for a social media pic got her in some hot water:

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) –  A Facebook feud ends with a Chesterfield woman in police custody. She was charged with harassment by computer.

Full Story – NBC12

Say-That-To-My-FaceMan that new station is corny as hell.  I LOL’d when it zoomed in on the facebook pic thumbnail and the dude was talking in it.  Nice flip phone at the starting too.

The police chief be like… (see meme pic in post).

Even though my thirst is at peak levels, I can tell Kristen is just way too gangsta.  I couldn’t hang… she’d get me killed with her hood ways ASAP.  Facebook thuggin’ – #OnlyInAmerica