Laquan McDonald

Presented for your analysis:

vic-mensaThe main reference in the song is about the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago.  The production isn’t bad.  Beats a lot of the minimal effort songs rappers do on the topic.  I can’t say I follow Vic Mensa at all, and my only previous exposure to his was “U Mad“…. which had me wishing ‘Ye was on this 16 shots track.

There’s a war on drugs, but the drugs keep winnin’
There’s a war on guns, but the guns keep ringin’

You can check out the lyrics over at Genius, if you’d rather not listen to the music.

Some of the anti law enforcement / threatening lyrics had me like 0.0 …. Vic trying to be edgy.  Verse 3 is especially eyebrow raising.


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