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Every car driven was decided by the horse.  Larry keeps the sticker in the window in case you wonder what it cost. 50 MILLION views:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyOk ok that’s impressive.  I don’t call him Larry Vuitton for nothing.

I don’t know how to do YouTube money math, but I’m assuming he’s made at least a few duffle bags full of 100s off of those views.  Although, every time I speculate out loud on something like that an actually YouTuber chimes in tell me it’s not that much.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Larry Vuitton x Tyler Grey.  Looks promising:

Tyler explains GREYMAN:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLooks like something different anyway, so that’s nice.  I’m keeping an open mind about it due to the track record Larry has of making cool informative videos.

Do videos like this pose the danger of educating criminals? Probably, but I suppose the risk is worth the reward of hopefully LAV and Tyler’s combined followers upping their own security, and the ripple effect of them hopefully telling their friends and so on.

At least they didn’t call this show “Sheepdog”.  That term is so played out and derpy.



My man Larry Vickers a.k.a. Larry Vuitton knows:


Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyThis blog has always been about raising awareness of the issues that I feel are the most important. LOL That is all.


How do I get in on one of these buybacks? :P

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyNice guy, nice 1911.  I cringed when I heard people have paid upwards of $12,000 for a LAV 1911.  I guess it depends what’s so “custom” on it, but that seems like a lot of money for something which will never run as good and reliable as a ~$500 Glock.

I still need to get one of his 1911 books.  That thing looks awesome.  $95 over at Vickers Guide… now if I was only classy enough to get my TV off the floor and get a coffee table.



File this one under 2016 SHOT Show drama:


Here’s the link to the Facebook post itself.

Oh man… big egos are a beeotch.  Must be earth shattering to have someone in the industry you’re in not recognize you.  I’d rather stay low key… not Larry though.  Reminds me of a Pusha-T track I like called M.F.T.R. where he says “You’d rather be more famous than rich”.  Just because I can and this post is Larry Vuitton related, I’m going to paste some of the other gun related lyrics at the start of the song:

Walk up in that bitch and wave at everything
Go and make it bang, go and make it bang
Gettin’ followed by them hollows, go and make it bang
Niggas ain’t been to church in a minute
But it’s funny how that TEC make a nigga get religious

That’s The Dream on the hook.  Flames.  Some of you wouldn’t understand *puts on sunglasses*.

The-LAV-Larry-VickersThoughts?  Is Larry’s rage justified?  If anything I think Ruger dropped the ball big time on this one considering LV was just going to give them some free publicity.  Sure Ruger is doing alright as a company without the LAV endorsement, but every little bit helps.  Who knows what the circumstances were though?  My first impression from Larry’s own post was that he was trying to run shit and call the shots in Ruger’s own booth which they paid big money for.  A “pay attention to me I’m important and famous” kind of moment perhaps?

If I ever go to SHOT, I want to wear a Kermit the frog outfit and bring plenty of tea to sip while I people watch.  I’ll tuck my name tag and if anyone asks who I am I’ll say I’m “Kyle Trollotsky, janitor and lead designer at Hi-Point”, then they’ll go away.

Gat tip: Tyler


I’ll never pass up an “It’s Lit” opportunity.  Fire damaged Aimpoint that still works, and Larry shoots with it:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyYea Aimpoints are pretty sweet.  Sadly all I have right now is an EOtech, which was cool in the early 2000’s but now after the L3 Communications fraud settlement with the U.S. government (for supplying the US military and law enforcement with thousands of defective sights) my operator TIER is taking a real hit for the worse. I can’t afford to lose any more TIER levels guys.

3:17 – Man… this is so baller.  Larry comments “It’s a little bit high”… then out of nowhere a windage and elevation assistant makes the adjustments so LAV doesn’t need to get his hands dirty.  Damn, what a boss move.  Much respect.  Larry has paid his dues and adjusted so much elevation and copious amounts of windage in his day, screw doing it himself anymore now that he’s rich.