laser gun

0:25 – Holy, that laser array!  I like where this is going even though his rats nest wiring is atrocious haha. I’m not really sure why the kid calls it a “laser shotgun” seeing as the platform is obviously a toy AR-15.

0:36 – Ahhhhhh WTF? First order of business should be to kill that moth with fire!

Wow that is crazy.  As cool as I think having something like that would be, it’s just seems far too dangerous.  When I say that, I mean the possibility of messing around with it permanently injuring myself or someone else seems really high.  You’d need to follow the “4 rules” on steroids with this thing… even adding more mandatory rules like welding tint glasses, closed environment with no shiny objects or windows etc..

Shark-with-laser-on-headThe Terminator quote from the title, if you’re looking for a bit of a morning throwback. :P


Gat tip: Scot


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From the description:

This gun holds a q-switched Nd:YAG laser head.
After charging the capacitors (takes about 4 secs.), it fires an intense 1 MW blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light! The pulse-duration is somewhere around 100ns…no chance to get the impacts with a normal camera.

NICE! I wonder what the range on that badboy is?