The gun store guys don’t like the National Firearms Act:

I’m really surprised they never upped the tax past $200, considering how affordable that is now.

I didn’t make it through the whole video because they go off on so many tangents, but some of you may want to watch it all.

These guys sure put out a load of videos.


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He shuts her false and leading statements down one after another:

Bravo sir bravo. *slow clap*   Steven Crowder is like a wind up gun law ninja… he starts slow and then gets more and more intense with the rebuttals.

The first time he was on RT was good.. but this one was like a perfect 10.

If I had kids, I would hire Steven to talk at their birthday parties… that’s how much I like what this guy says.

I just watched it again… too good. That huge smirk on his face at the very end when he burned her on stand your ground law was priceless.



Three separate incidents in NYC this week:

A Tennessee tourist who says she unwittingly broke New York’s weapons laws by visiting the 9/11 memorial with a loaded gun — legal in her home state — faces 3 1/2 years behind bars for the error, which came to light when she asked guards where she could store her weapon while touring the memorial.

Full Story – L.A. Times

A former U.S. Marine Ryan Jerome, 28, was charged with criminal possession of his .45-caliber Ruger while visiting the famous New York landmark during a September vacation with his girlfriend. Jerome has a license to carry the weapon from his home state of Indiana, but New Yorks state gun laws do not recognize out-of-state permits.

Full Story – CNN

A Virginia man claimed to be a Navy SEAL to talk his way out of a gun possession arrest on Thursday, and the New York Police Department committed him to a psych ward thinking his claims of elite military status were the rantings of a lunatic.

Full Story – Yahoo

Now I know what some of your are thinking:  How stupid are those first two people?  They actually thought that carrying a firearm would be allowed at either of those locations in a post 9/11 world?   Part of me agrees, but the other part realizes how ridiculous the whole state permit system with differing reciprocity is.

Firearms law in general is very convoluted.   Throw in the fact that some laws blanket every state at the federal level, and yet others are made state to state, and on top of that rules often change when leaving your home state… and you got a real mess.   What I would like to see is unrestricted carry of any type being passed by the federal government.  That would completely eliminate the chance of doing time for a simple misunderstanding , but I realize that is most likely wishful thinking.  I say this time and time again, but here it goes once more… criminals do not care what the law says, they will carry a gun if they want to carry one.  Restricting carry and throwing tourists in jail because of a misunderstanding does nothing to make the world a better place.

How would you solve this problem?

Hat tip: Steven, Frank, McKay


This city, half an hour’s drive north of Atlanta, is unique: it is the only place in America where it is compulsory to own a gun. In 1982, Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed an ordinance requiring households to own at least one firearm with ammunition. The law states that its purpose is to “protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants”.

The article is definitely worth reading – HERE

Oh and surprise surprise, the crime rate is low there relative to similar sized towns near by. I wonder why? *sarcasm*

Good to see perfect trigger discipline in all of the pictures for a change.


Definitely an interesting way to hold a rifle.  I can’t imagine that not using the sights on the rifle, and shooting from the hip would be endorsed by any police force in the world.

Also, what’s with the cross draw setup he has for his revolver? Is that something people do with outside the pants hip holsters?  Seems like a great way to unnecessarily muzzle sweep people every time you pull the gun out.  The only time i’m used to seeing cross draw is on shoulder rigs, but in that case it is necessary to have it on the opposite side.

Someone made a hilarious parody of the ad:

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If you haven’t already seen the movie Law Abiding Citizen, you need to put that on your to do list.

I watched it last night, and noticed that a Glock RTF (Rough Textured Frame) model makes an appearance:

I guess it is as rough as people are saying it is. :P

It’s at 41 seconds into this clip –>

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are both incredible in it.