To me, nothing looks nicer than old wood and worn metal on AKs:

Because of the wood, the AK has such a ruggedness even the most worn out M16 could never attain.

Lots more of his pictures from Afghanistan – HERE


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I posted about Steve Lee a couple of times in the past (HERE and HERE) because of his “I Like Guns” song.

This video and song has a different tone to it though.  Steve seems VERY sedated in this one … Maybe those oppressive Australian gun laws are getting the best of him?

I thought the original “I like Guns” song was catchy, and the video was neat to watch.   This song though is just flat out depressing… excuse me while I go finish off my bucket of Coldstone ice cream while sobbing  and reminiscing of a time when gun laws were not so restrictive.

For the love of god, cheer up Steve.

While I’m picking apart the video, I figured it was worth mentioning I thought it was odd that at 1:55 min he takes his cocked revolver (finger on the trigger) and points it at the roof while singing and not paying attention.  Then the next scene after that he’s shooting at metal popper targets from probably about 5 yards away, where he hits his first target.. then blatantly puts the next shot high into the (particle board?) backstop.  Not that it’s a big deal that he missed (I miss all the time), I just thought it was funny to include in the video.


Maybe i’d start watching TV again if all the commercials were that awesome.

Hat tip: Paladin


This blog is no stranger to sticking spent casings in your ears.  I observed R. Lee Ermey using some for hearing protection, and also found a tutorial on how to accomplish it.

Makes me wish I would have thought of this idea, to deliver sound to the user, rather than mute everything.  According to Gizmodo, the earphones are made by a company called MUNITIO, and will apparently be sold for $250 each. They better sound damn good for that money.

Unless you are a massive company like apple, sony, google etc.. I never understood why you would want to talk about your products and create buzz before they are even available. Anyone that thinks these headphones are an awesome idea, would probably want to purchase them immediately and not have to keep checking the website for an update on the magical date they will be available.  Maybe the average consumer isn’t like me though.  I will have long forgotten about these within a couple of days.



A long way from the guns and random vehicles I used to build with LEGO.

Pretty neat how the magazine works, and that the gun can actually his stuff at close range.  With another elastic or two he could probably even make the gun semi automatic.


[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJCXyfcl9vk[/youtube]

Questionable trigger and muzzle control on behalf of the guy that is getting the guns handed to him. I don’t even like to be swept with toy guns, never mind real ones.  The song sounds good though.

Check out the original music video – HERE