OH SHIT, this is awesome:

Daaaaaaaaaamn, I’m really feeling that olive drab colorway.  And to think I was saying I’d never build another AR 🤔🤔🤔.

I highly recommend you purchase an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt first, then go pick up the retro components at Brownells.  I try not to shoehorn product mentions in too often, but when it works it works you know?

Thoughts?  You excited about this, or is it not really your thing?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave delivers a silent CQB solution:

I love how Joerg straight sons everyone that’s ever been in the slingshot game, with creations such as this.

Joerg-SpraveIn the video description he mentions that his M16 is deactivated in order for it to be legal for him to own.  It makes me sad that a rifle that awesome is rendered useless.

Damn, those watermelon shots always hit home showing how deadly the slingshots he makes are.

Thoughts? Anyone ever operated in an operation with anything similar?


Add Thailand to the list of places I wouldn’t want to be right now.  Just like the Kyrgyzstan riots I reported on yesterday, this also stems from the people’s problems with their government.

The shotguns in the picture appear to be Remington 870s

Picture #3 – Soldiers carrying HK G3 Rifles

Picture #6M16A1 rifles that protesters seized from soldiers

Picture #7M4 Carbine and a M1911 pistol

Picture #31 – Remington 870

Picture #33 – Piles of HK G3 rifles , M16A1 rifles, and some unknown break action single barrel shotguns seized by protesters

A couple of the pictures definitely look suspect when it comes to the real brand name weapons as opposed to clones.

Full Photo Set – HERE


In my Money, Guns, Art – Scott Campbell post I mentioned how I have a weakness for weapon related art, and how I love the smell of money.

London artist Justine Smith creates some sculptures using U.S. $1 bills that I would love to hang on my wall:


S&W 645:

Fragmentation Grenade:

You can visit the artist’s homepage – HERE



Treat Your Rifle Like a Lady

The Will Eisner M-16 U.S. Army Rifle Maintenance Booklet

Officially known as DA Pam 750-30
32 Pages on proper cleaning and assembly of the M16A1 Rifle
Issued in comic book form, and with rifle, to every U.S. soldier stationed in Vietnam.

Chapter titles include:

  • How to Strip Your Baby
  • What to Do in a Jam
  • Cues From Guys Who Know
  • Sweet 16
  • All the Way with Négligé
  • Drain Before Shooting

Also introduces “Maggie”, a personified M-16 cartridge with arms, legs, and eyelashes.

Full comic book available – HERE