Ahoy back at it:

If you’re interested in the M60 you should watch the video. Nothing really much to say.

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Man these guys have a lot of fun:

Long-Live-ASAC-Schrader-Breaking-BadLOL seriously epic.  Adam did an awesome job on this.

I’m not at all surprised the M60 (7.62×51mm) was able to take care of business like that.

Breaking bad was such an awesome show.  I watched “Better Call Saul” and it’s alright because Saul is cool… but it’s definitely no Breaking Bad.



Oh Lawwwwwwwwwd those links flying out!

The sound is on point too.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyDid Larry take that mat from Crossfit?  Note I just gave all you crossfit guys the chance to pipe up again, and let everyone know that you do crossfit hahah :P

THOTS? Oooops dat thirst.. I mean, Thoughts?


FPS Russia:

FPS-RussiaI still watch his videos for the guns, but its like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.  In the future he could just green screen his hands, and post production edit in 9000 different guns and come out with a video every day.  That’s basically what it’s like already but I’m assuming a lot more expensive and more work.



Richard Ryan with another Breaking Bad related video:

Richard-Ryan-ENDOBesides the always stellar slow motion footage, the intros on these Breaking Bad videos has been epic.  

That would be such a burn if Walt didn’t even use that M60 in the final episode… I’m sure he will though.

Oh and in case you forgot:




No sharks were jumped in the making of this video:

homer-jump-sharkYeah I’ve been making fun of Chris Costa ever since he did that ridiculous Zombie shit, and started pushing tactical arm tape.  You don’t need to try and justify those two things to me because it will fall on deaf ears.  It’s all in good fun though, he seems like a good guy just trying to make a living.  If he can jump the occasional shark, count the money, and still get a good night’s sleep then all the power too him.