machine gun bacon

A.K.A. “Machine gun bacon” *eye roll*.  This is weak AF:

I’ll admit the first time I heard about Ted Cruz was when the Associated Press came under fire for snapping photos of him with the gun pictures pointing at his head.

Is Ted Cruz an actual gun guy?  Who knows.  My jaded view of the world is that he’s just another scumbag politician trying to get the 2nd Amendment enthusiast’s support.  My speculation is now further supported in the fact he called that semi-auto AR-15 a “Machine gun”.  Does this guy not have any connections that he could have got an actual auto to do this properly? How does he expect to be president when he can’t even procure an actual machine gun to make a half decent video?  *smh*

MARPAT-Digital-BaconThe comments on YouTube are priceless as expected if you go ahead and click through haha.

To see someone actually do Machine gun bacon properly, click the link to check out this post I did in 2010 where someone wrapped some around a MG3 barrel and let loose.


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