Wow like 99% of that video was filler, and completely obnoxious.

Featuring four separate chambers for multiple shots, an easy to use remote device, soft touch finish and adjustable wrist strap, PYRO is about to turn up the heat on your performances.

Magic performances… operations…  Nothing would strike more fear into the heart of someone you have at gun pointed at then to rocket an unexpected mini fireball at them. :P

Glock-House-Fire-1If I strapped one of these on you better believe I’m Hadouken’ing all 4 chambers in a matter of seconds.  After that I’m guessing I’d be very disappointed in the amount of actual fire that was shot, and not care much about it after that.

At the price of $174 it’s just inexpensive enough for kids to bug their parents for, or save up their allowance.  Either way you know their sister’s hair is going to “accidentally” get lit up this Christmas.


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Magic boy Calen Morelli tries to sell drugs to a cop:

Rick-RossYea it’s probably fake, but still funny.  He should so something with gang members and making their concealed guns disappear and appear in a backpack he’s wears… that would be epic.

I lovvvvvve good magic.



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You’ll never have felt so good.