I was put onto these two vids by you guys in the comments:

Convenient to not be a douchebag about guns when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to use them.  People can dislike guns for valid reasons and it doesn’t bother me… if they stick to the script then cool good for them.  Please don’t trample on my rights, and call for a solution that won’t even fix the problem.

If you missed the initial Demand A Plan video and the kids version make sure to check them out.



Hat tip: Jayson, Buck, John Smith, Daniel


First some celebrities demanded a plan… now kids:

California teens none the less.  Ironic how the 18+ year old members of that state are among the most disarmed in the entire country.

I feel under/mis represented as a white dude… I’ve only got that one tiny squirrely kid, and that creepy mustache kid (pictured) to identify with.  As I was typing this I realized that I still consider myself a “kid” even though I am 30 and the ones in the video are probably no older that 16.  haha oh well, you’re only as old as you feel.

Demand-A-Plan-Kids-CaliforniaSince they demanded it, here is my plan suggestion:  Let the citizens of your state defend themselves, and carry as a deterrent.  Even in states where there is a right to bear arms, that right should be absolute, meaning no such thing as victim disarmament (gun free) zones.



Oh I’ll demand a plan alright.  It will involve lots of concealed and open carry though, so I don’t think these people are going to like it:

Beyonce and Jessica Alba can forget about me returning their calls… I’m done with both of them.

Rashida Jones!  The betrayal!  Just last week we went shooting together and you do this to me?

MAIG-Demand-A-Plan-To-End-Gun-ViolenceOlivia Munn… I might forgive you… I haven’t decided yet. P.S. you look hot when you’re mad.

The Brady Campaign did something similar, but they have no money (zing) so they used F-List celebrities.