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Talking Lead goes to Maximus Arms to check out the process of making a 1911 from scratch, and to have some fun:

I like Talking Lead because they don’t take themselves too seriously.

3:20 – MMMMM lost wax casting

5:38 – For a company I’ve never heard of, they sure look like they are doing well in the 1911 game.  I find this surprising because I don’t know anyone with a non major brandname 1911.

Colt-M191119:57 – This guy better never show up to work hungover or tired.  That day would be his last.

I really had no idea there was such much dirty hands on labor involved in making 1911s.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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*Gasp* it’s… it’s beautiful:

Yea I love manufacturing videos!  They could definitely automate a good portion of the start of all that and reduce waste, workplace accidents, and even the number of employees.  Sadly the world is going towards heartless / characterless polymer magazines.  I sure see why though, wow these steel ones are a ton of work.

AK-47-Kool-AidI would not want to by any of those guys sticking my fingers and hands inside those presses.

Matra is the Bosnian company which makes these magazines, and looks like they are still going strong in 2014.  They were even at the NRA annual meeting last week.



Since I know most of you are looking to waste time on the clock at work:

Remington had some pretty high tech equiptment back in 1969!  I figured a lot more would have been done by hand in the initial stages.

I wonder how much hands-on treatment each rifle gets today at Remington?  My guess is everything that can be automated is.  It’s not as romantic, but they only would have done it to increase throughput in in effort to meet demand and keep stacking that cash.



I always enjoy seeing the inner workings of companies:

It would have been nice if the video was a little less artsy and more informational, but this is still cool.

You can check out the suppressors on their website  I love that Osprey design of theirs!

I’d do a “making of” video for ENDO, but it would be a lot of pajama wearing, sitting, eating, and beer drinking.