manta rails

I sit here in my notch cap, Oakley sunglasses, magazines coolin out, and tactical arm tape to help stave off typing fatigue… wondering why I didn’t think of this:


Superfluous DERP, brought to you by Manta Rails.

Here I am feeling like a Tier infinity derp operator because I didn’t even know picatinny rails, vertical fore grips, and regular grips needed protecting.  Now who’s going to develop a product to protect the rail protectors?  A non-rhetorical question I need an answer to before I’ll be able to sleep again.

Besides the fact the suppressor sleeve looks ridiculous (ribbed for his/her operational pleasure) it seems to work well and is a great idea in theory.  I’ve seen cooler looking suppressor sleeves out there though.

Manta-Rails-LogoShout out to the company that invented these protectors, who not only filled a niche market, but also named their company Manta Ray play on words.  Manta Ray plays on words are my absolute favorite.   Bonus points because they have a rail guard with beady eyes on their ray shaped logo.

Thoughts?  Did you just realize you have several yards of unprotected picatinny rail you need to look into protecting?   What about vert grips and regular grips that you’re now concerned will sustain damage in operations you operate in?


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