Mattv2009 footage over the hit freestyle:

If you’re not familiar with the UK freestyle that went viral, it’s pretty epic.  Here it is:

Oh and I posted a related meme on my Instagram page a few days ago, if you want to check it out.

What are this guy’s rap qualifications? haha

Thoughts?  Would buy his album, or stream on Spotify? 😂

Gat tip: Double?

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Yoooo Mattv2099 came out of retirement to make another video:

I saw the video in my feed but swiped past it initially because I figured it was a repost.  It popped up on me again though and I realized it was new.

Unfortunately it seems that people are pretty much normalized to Mattv2099’s shenanigans, because the comments on his videos unfortunately aren’t angry anymore.  People used to get so mad.

Thoughts?  You surprised at the results?


BROWNING DID 1911.  Mattv2099 tests one:

Interdasting… the 1911 actually doesn’t preform as bad as I thought it would in these specific scientific operations.

I love how he wrote “Vickers Tactical” on the side in shitty marker printing hahah.  Too good.

Sadly if you click through to the comments, not as many people are falling for the trolling as were in the past.  It was more entertaining when people would flip out about all the terminology he would mess up and change on purpose.



Reading mean hater comments:

Mattv2099-ENDO-HatOh man these are too good.  So many people just don’t “get” the trollture, or the jokes.  A few of those comments were obvious bait for this video, but most people you could tell were genuinely mad.



Mattv2099 back at it again:

Mattv2099-Big-League-Chew-Glockhaha this is nasty.  I really wish the videos weren’t so long, but at least his commentary is funny.  My second favorite thing about Mattv2099 is how much people get pissed off at his very existence.

If there’s one thing I’ve also learned, is you have to read the comments on his videos for some additional laughs.  A lot of the people who comment are seemingly “cool teens”, foreigners, or a combination of both.


YouTube scientist Mattv2099 heats up a muzzle brake and puts it to work:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Builders-ClubI know Mythbusters busted the fact that the bullets outside of a chamber weren’t very deadly, but I still wouldn’t want to be near them going off.  The latter was confirmed by the above video.