Illegal gun? *facepalm* are people still using that term?

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his national coalition against illegal guns plan to air a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl where he and Boston Mayor Tom Menino act out something anti-illegal-gun that plays on the rivalry between NY and Boston.  According to the article, National Super Bowl ads are fetching a record $3.5 million for 30-second spots.

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$3.5M for a 30 second spot?  Wouldn’t that money be better spent on something that will actually make a difference?  Perhaps pay for some police overtime? Maybe crack a few cases? Make a bunch of arrests?   Nahhhh forget it, this is more showy.

We need to repair the broken Federal background check system!  Gun show loophole! Gun show loophole!  How about everyone wakes up and smells the coffee and realizes that criminals do not care about background checks.  Even if that system became so air tight that a criminal could not possibly buy a new gun, the used market and underground market would still thrive.

Anyone want to weigh in?


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“Many times [the police are] outgunned, to be very frank,” Daley said at an event in the Englewood neighborhood. “When they come to a scene, someone has a semi-fully-automatic weapon, and you have a little pistol, uh, good luck.” -Mayor Daley

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Semi-fully-automatic huh? Neat.

How long until that bozo is gone from Chicago?


“I’ve done my all. I’ve done my best,” Mr. Daley told reporters during a news conference at City Hall in Chicago.

To disarm residents of Chicago, and secure it’s ranking as one of the most violent cities in the United States? Yea you did a bang up job of that.

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Too bad when he’s gone, Chicago will more than likely get someone else just as bad.

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About a week ago I reported on this incident, where Chicago’s Mayor Daley joked about shoving a rifle up a reporters ass:


So what would happen if you threatened Mayor Daley with the same thing?

Simple, you would be charged with making a threat against a public official. :roll: A double standard at its finest.

A San Jose, Calif., man was arrested Thursday for allegedly leaving a phone message at Daley’s office threatening to do the same to the mayor, a source said.

Christopher Fox, 39, was charged with making a threat against a public official, authorities said.

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LOLz at around the 1 minute mark :lol:

“Oh!” Daley said. “It’s been very effective!”

He grabbed a rifle, held it up, and looked right at me. He was chuckling but there was no smile.

“If I put this up your—ha!—your butt—ha ha!—you’ll find out how effective this is!”

“If I put a round up your—ha ha!”

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Was his mind the victim of some sort of “Freaky Friday” type switcharoo?… seems like something a 4th grader would say rather then a the Mayor of our 3rd largest city.

Yesterday Mayor Daley offered a half-assed apology:

“Sure, I’ll be sorry,” said Daley, who added that the focus should not be on his contrition. “I’m not going to sing the song ‘I’m Sorry’ now, but sure, you can write it. But I hope I shocked you that you can write about now the gun manufacturers.”

Shove it Daley.


Of the 4,050 firearms traded in for gift cards, there were 55 assault weapons and 3,335 handguns, along with 660 replicas, according to the Office of Police News Affairs.

During the first half hour of the gun buyback program this morning, 1335 weapons were turned in, officials said. The department offered up to $100 for weapons handed over.

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:(  … 3390 firearms gone just like that. Well at least Chicago will be a utopia now, free of violence.

Someone even turned in inert hand grenades and cause a huge shitstorm with the bomb squad. I wonder if they got $100 each for them? That would be a pretty sweet profit if they were the usual cheap gunshow ones.

They annihilated last years total of 1900 guns, which mayor Daley mentioned in his ABC interview a couple of days ago.