The gun, a M1911A1, is introduced at around 11 minutes into the movie.

This movie is such a classic, definitely on my list of favorites.  Reminds me of a simpler time, before the internet and mainstream proliferation of video games… when kids were kids, and did stupid things but still managed to survive.


Chris: You wanna be the Lone Ranger, or the Cisco Kid?
Gordie: Walkin’, talkin’ Jesus, where did you get this?
Chris: Hawked it off my old man’s bureau. It’s a forty-five.
Gordie: [incredulously] I can see that…[aims gun at trash can and mimics the sound of a gun being fired] You got shells for it?
Chris: Yeah, I took all that was left in the box. My dad’ll think he used them himself shooting at beer cans while he was drunk.
Gordie: Is it loaded?
Chris: Hell no! What do you think I am?
[Gordie squeezes the trigger and the gun discharges]
Chris and Gordie: [in unison] Jesus!!!
[the two run]
Chris: Gordie did it! Gordie Lachance is shooting up Castle Rock!!
Gordie: Shut up!

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