Medal Of Honor

Episode 1 – Mission: Sharpshooter – Identify hidden target and use M21 sniper rifle to do a head shot… fastest time wins:

Shooting (or attempting to) at 40 yards…  Interesting concept though, the kids teach the combat vets how to play video games and the combat vets teach the kids how to shoot.

I think some of the kids were genuinely surprised that their L33t GaMing SkiLlz didn’t translate into them being tier 1 operators with real weapons.

I like how the gold deagle brand deagle is the “starter” pistol. haha

Episode 2: MOH Warfighter Campaign Mode:

This episode is really boring.

If you missed my post on the entire series you can check it out over at FPS Derp Battle – Medal Of Honor Warfighter and watch the trailer.

Thoughts? Are you going to watch the rest of the episodes?


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Pinning the greatest foreveralone FPS derps against one another in epic on and off screen competitions:

The greatest tag line I can think of would be “The only game these guys have… is onscreen”.

Isn’t FPSrussia’s 15 minutes up yet?  The guy has shot every gun known to man and blew up a zillion pounds of tannerite.  Know when to quit bro.

“The Controller” (which the video is a trailer for) starts today (Sept 20th).

Medal of Honor Warfighter won’t be out until October 23rd.  If you want it in hand quick after that date though make sure to pre-order a copy on Amazon.


Hat tip: Josh


Electronic Arts’ quest for realism hatched this new idea… Partner with real brands:



LaRue Tactical:

US Optics:

The partnership idea is win-win if you ask me.  If nothing else, it will at least help educate the kids in the proper equipment and it’s use.  I just wish other games such as Grand Theft Auto would partner with actual car manufacturers.  hahah wishful thinking I suppose in that case.

To see a full list of partners, check out the Medal Of Honor Warfighter partners page.

I’m dying to know what kind of partnership agreement was reached. It is interesting because it’s obviously mutually beneficial, but at the same time it is a huge advertising opportunity for the brands. My guess is that the companies involved cut Electronic Arts some very hefty checks. Anyone have any inside info? :P

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter isn’t out until October 23 :(  If you want to pre-order it you can hit up Amazon.

Thoughts? Also, I might have already asked this before, but what’s the verdict on MoH compared to COD?


Looks impressive.  I suppose the game play will be the real test though.

Anyone looking forward to this?

You can pre-order it for $60 over at Amazon with a October 23, 2012 release.


I just finished watching the Restrepo, a documentary of the fighting in Afghanistan’s Korengal valley.  I really enjoyed it.  It was very well done, and had a very personal feeling to it because of the way it was filmed.

I have a question though, was medal of honor recipient Sal Giunta not on camera at all? I keep looking for him but I swear I couldn’t see him, nor was he one of the guys interviewed during the course of the film.  I found this especially surprising considering he was used extensively in all of the promotional videos.  From a marketing standpoint, using a guy that was awarded the medal of honor for his actions in the Korengal valley is a good choice considering all of the press such a prestigious award receives. That said, it’s kind of odd to market the film as ‘The Sal Giunta Story’ and not give him any camera time.

If I am totally out of my mind and Giunta is actually in the film please let me know in the comments… I just skipped through it again though and couldn’t find him.  Sgt. Aron Hijar does bear a resemblance to him though.

If you haven’t seen Restrepo, you can watch it online for a few bucks or buy it – HERE