Travis rolls through and drops knowledge:

God Travis’ skin… so beautiful *pause* LOL.  *whispers in distance* Turo Skin (TM) *whispers in distance*

I poke fun at airsofters lots, but it’s all in the game though.  Whatever you have fun doing recreationally in your spare time, I’m happy for you.  Everyone needs a hobby.  Honestly if I got really into Airsoft I’d probably enjoy it too.  Please though guys just don’t take airsoft TOO seriously and try and draw parallels to how well you’d probably do in combat because you’re good at tossing plastic BBs .  Just because you pressed your ass up against a HESCO barrier at summer camp and “took out” your sisters friend’s cousin’s aunt at 32 yards with a supreme accuracy 360 no scope headshot, it doesn’t mean you’re quite ready for DELTA.  You also are likely (I say likely not definitely) a beacon of real firearm knowledge either.  Yea you might get there some day if you transition to realness and work hard, but you’re not LAV or Travis yet dawg.

Airsoft-MemeI like this dialed down version of Travis best.  When he gets all spiritual I just feel like a useless dumbass.

Oh here’s a video of Travis getting out of bed, retrieving his handgun from a conspicuously thick mirror and shooting a Kenny Powers looking target in a home defense scenario.


Gat tip: Jerry