miss america

Kevin theTacDaddy captured this one for posterity:

The question: “Do you support a ban on Military style assault weapons?”

As soon as the gorgeous Ms. South Carolina (Name: Daja Dial) started with “I don’t” I said OH SHIT out loud and was glued to the screen.

HOLY, ya she nailed it… here is her entire comment:

Keanu-Woah“I don’t but I think it’s because we need to increase education.  We have to go back there and teach people the proper way to use guns and we will reduce the risk of having gun related accidents.  It starts with education.”

Whoa.  Nice work girl!  10/10 would operate with; would date.  Some of these pageant girls are really smart too.  I’m too lazy to look her up right now, but I bet she has a PhD in Biology, an MBA, and is an all around great person.  If they gave he more time to speak I bet she would have started kicking knowledge to the judges about how the term “Assault weapon” isn’t correct, nor is “military style”.  Unfortunately she didn’t win.. “Miss Georgia” won.

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Beauty and brains.  No wait… scratch that, just beauty:

Her reaction to winning (pictured below), was pretty much the same as my reaction to her stupid answer.  The answer, which made basically no sense considering the question that was asked.  Gun safety classes? Education? Proper use? Longer waiting period? WTF?


Coincidence that she was “Miss New York” before she won the national title?  hah.

I’m thinking the police should stop shooting people, and do more educating instead.  You know… because we need to give criminals a chance, they are people too.